Creating an effective, pleasing and professional website is not an easy task. Of course, there are companies out there who advertise services enabling users to design their very own websites, but these solutions are temporary at best and misleading in terms of their true cost. For this reason, it is important to entrust the creation of your next online business empire to a professional web designer. If you find the right web developer, the task of creating your website will be made a whole lot easier. A�And in the long term, a lot cheaper as well.

Nearly a third of our customers are small business owners who are moving away from “free” website platform such as WIX.

Web designers worth their digital ink will enable you to enjoy the process of creation, from design, to implementation to publishing in a seamless A�and professional fashion. The whole experience of interacting with the designer to develop your dream website should be enjoyable and stress free. But how can you know if the web designer is good at his job? Whether he can create what you want? Hiring a creative yet knowledgeable web designer is extremely important for a good website. And it is also important to know the difference between a web designer and web developer.

  • A web designer is someone who is both creatively inclined and technically knowledgeable. He or she will work to create a user friendly, effective and attractive website. The focus will be on what the website looks like, how stunning it can be made to look.
  • On the other hand, a web developer is a programmer. He/she is someone who specializes in the development of worldwide web applications or distributed network applications. The focus sill be on speed,A�he use of special effects and other “under the hood” technologies aimed at high end platforms.

To use a car analogy, a web designer creates the body of the site, like that gorgeous Ferrari some of us dream about that looks so stunningly beautiful. The web developer will be the mechanic, the person building the engine, fine tuning it until it roars.

Large corporations with the budget to fit their size have the means to hire both designers and developers when undertaking the task of creating their company’s websites. Small to mid-size business owners do not have this luxury and must find a way to locate someone who will fit their needs, and their pockets. An “hybrid” expert who is more than a designer, and not a full blown developer.

Our Miami Website Design agency has a mixture of web designers and coders and we believe we can offer you with the best choice.

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How do you find and ultimatelyA�hire a web designer?

There are very many websites out there aiming to help you locate excellent freelance web designers who are not only talented but are also affordable. But before you hire someone, make sure you follow these tips to choose the best one of the lot.

  1. When you meet the designer or talk to them over the phone, pay attention to the number of questions they ask you about your business. Why this is important? Well, the said designer is someone who will be the sole in charge of creating your website. He is supposed to take an interest and learn about everything related to your business, your audience, marketing strategies etc. So, when the designer doesna��t show much interest, you know he is not the one.
  2. Look at their portfolio. Check all the websites he has designed earlier. Look at the styling, creativity and check whether the previously designed website is user-friendly etc.
  3. Ask the designer the right questions such as did he do the graphic design? Did he do the programming all by himself? Etc.
  4. Ask him his plan when it comes to designing your website. This way you will know it his plan is the right plan for you.
  5. Ask them about the search engine optimization and internet marketing and how they plan on implementing the same when it comes to your website.
  6. Always be upfront about the payment. Discuss their charges before you go ahead. Compare their prices with that of other designers. Dona��t just agree to whatever they say and make sure there are no hidden charges.
  7. Know about their billing practices, if it is a monthly cycle or do you have to keep some sort of a deposit etc.
  8. Make sure you talk to their previous clients. Ask them their experience with the said designer, if working with the designer was a smooth process? Were there any hassles with concern to the designer? Did they do a good job? Etc.