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Our Miami SEO Company will ensure that you make the most of your website.A� Just as you have found us through the search engines, we can make sure your customers can find you.

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We are a website development company specializing in the merging of web design with efficient Search Engine Optimization. In a world where publishing a website, however beautifully crafted it might be, is no longer enough, we bring our top ranking driven internet marketing company into the fore and focus our efforts not just on only on designing but, more importantly on Search Engine Optimization.

We garner the power of the search engines to drive highly targeted traffic to our site, and just as you have found us, we can put in place our unique, results driven methodology so that your customers, in turn will find you.

SEO Miami

SEO MiamiSearch Engine Marketing (SEO Miami) is a complex and often expensive endeavor and we are here to prove that you dona��t have to spend an arm and leg to achieve your goals of ranking your website at the top of the search engines.

True Miami SEO Experts are hard to find, but once youa��ve found them, you can be sure that your hard-earned money will not be built on link building services that work one day and become counter-productive the next.

Let us show you how you can improve, and recover, your ranks after each algorithm update.

As a leading SEO Company Miami, our task is clear. To apply REAL SEO, based on sound practices and not the latest fads that light up like wild fire only to be extinguished even faster. With a combination of unique and long-lasting methods, our results speak for themselves.A� SEO is not just about link building. It is about putting your website in a neighborhood in which the search engines are comfortable in. If you are familiar with the say: a�?show me your friends and I will tell you who you area�? then youa��ll know that this concept holds particularly true when it comes to how search engines evaluate websites.

Miami SEO Company

SEO Company MiamiWe are a result driven SEO company in Miami, Florida and we help customers in a variety of industries dominate the online market within their niches. Our team is comprised of seasoned professional with years of proven experience and their respective fields.

We dona��t hire marketing professional that dona��t have anything to offer to our customers businesses and those that we do hire are compensated on performance rather than attendance.A� In other words, the better they are at their job, the more they earn, which is exactly how it should be.

Our campaign managers are experienced at handling complex marketing campaigns. Throughout the years working in Miami we have forged a reputation built on professionalism, expertise and results. This unique combination ensures that our customers are always happy with our results.

Not only do we strive to be the best Miami SEO Company, we also specialize in social media marketing, bringing together the power of social media and taking full advantage of the constantly morphing mass media landscape that is shaping internet marketing. Platform such as Facebook, YouTube videos and others count some of the most loyal customers, IF you know how to harness their powers.

Does your website need more customers?

Our sound and proven SEO Miami strategies will help you dominate your competition by taking over the Search Engines.

Increases Exposure: Let your business explode by dominating the rankings in Google. We can lay the digital paths that the search need to drive customers to your website.

Grow your Customer Base: As you get higher ranks with Google and other search engine, youa��ll be able to showcase your services and product to more and more people, turning visitors to customers. Our agency helps drive more business to our customers websites than any other online marketing agencies in Miami.

Increase Revenue: As your customer base grows, so will your revenues. Let us show you how you can take your online business from a trickle of inquiries to an increasing stream of potential customers who are interested in purchasing goods and services just like yours.

SEO Services MiamiSeasoned Expertise: When it comes to SEO, results are what counts and we belong to a few select agencies throughout the world who are the masterminds of SEO.

As a leading Miami SEO Company, we share we can pull from this group all the knowledge and methodologies that are known to work. Make no mistake. Companies who want your business make a lot of noise and will promise just about anything only to fail because their methods are not consistent with search engines requirements.

Worry- Free Contracts: We are a result driven SEO Miami agency and offer month to month contracts which do not bind you to a commitment over time, forcing you to pay for a service you might not be entirely satisfied with. In other words, youa��re paying for results.

Dominate Google

We want to answer any question you might ask. Give us a call and let’s get started.

10 things to consider before choosing your e-commerce web design - Studio X Website Design Miami

A properly designed e-Commerce website can be the difference between a site that is successful in terms of revenues and one that just sits there, unable to convert visitors into paying customers.

What is an eCommerceA�site?

E-Commerce_Web_DesignAlso known as an electronic commerce website, an e-Commerce website is a platform that enables visitors to a particular website to select products and or services from said website and purchase them online.A� Amazon is a primary example.

Designing a well-functioning e-Commerce is not as straightforward as some people might think.A� In an age where online solutions are aimed at the public at large, with varying degrees of expertise, customers often make the assumption that since there are solutions out there for practically everything, all one has to do to create the ultimate website is add modules for this, and plugins for that and thata��s it. The reality is much more different and indeed the aforementioned approach often times constitutes the main reason why e-Commerce websites fail.A� Here are some aspects that need considering.

Things you should keep in mind about your next e-Commerce Site.

1- Do not underestimate the work that is involved in creating a website.

From concept to design to implementation to propagation, the combined time spent in each of these incremental steps almost alwayssurpasses, by far, any prior time estimations you might have anticipated, or been told to expect from third parties.

If you want to use the etheric world of cyber space to sell your companya��s products or services in order to make easy or fast money, think again. These sites require a substantial amount of time and work investment, not only during the designing and implementation phases, but even more importantly, during the maintenance phases.

2- Make sure you have a business plan.

In making this point, I am not referring to the multi pages document your bank manager might require from you in order to authorize a loan for example.A� What you do need to have is a clear understanding of what it will take for your site to become successful.A� For example:

  • What kind of market you are targeting
  • Information about your target customer (age, geographic, income bracket etc.)
  • How good is your product and what makes it different than others within your niche?
  • What is the nature of your competition?
  • How competitive are you going to be?
  • What kind of customer service are you going to offer?

3- Do you have a marketing strategies

A�Here is a real-life example of what a marketing strategy is not:

a�?I want my site to have exposure to search engines basedA�on a strategy to show up in web searchesa�?

Of course, in an ideal work, this is what every website owner wants.A� While there was a time when the notion that a�?if you build it, they will comea�? was true, this was some time ago and just because you build a great looking e-Commerce website, doesna��t mean that the sales are going to be next.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Are you familiar with the concepts of SEO and PPC?
  • Do you have a marketing budget?
  • Do you understand the increasing role that social media has?

Above any other considerations, if you are intending to rely solely on marketing through organic search engine ranking, be aware that this route, whilst being an extremely efficient one, and ultimate more economical than other marketing platforms will require an initial, and substantial investment.

4- Do you have a preference as to the e-Commerce platform you want to use?

A�An increasing number of highly successful websites are built around Content Management Software such as WordPress, Joomla etca�� For the majority of small online businesses, such platform are sufficient.


5- Make sure your product and or services stand out

A�In a world where images rather than textual content are becoming the platform of choice please understand that failing to show case your goods and services in a manner that visitors can relate to may mean the difference between a visitor and a customer. Humans are tactile creature.A� As a whole, we like to touch and feel the product we want to purchase. This behavior can obviously not be repeated online but it is possible to show high quality pictures and videos, from various different angles that will provide potential customers with the next best thing to their habitual tactile reflexes.

6- Do you have the most effective shopping cart design

A�Shopping carts are essential to e-Commerce websites and should enable a user to add multiple items, revise and or modify orders, keep them active for later use etc.a�� Well-designed shopping card should be intuitive and easy to use.

7- Easy checkout does the trick

A�This is the one area of e-Commerce web design where less is more. The checkout process should be quick, easy and unobtrusive.A� The easier it gets the more inclined customers will be to return to your site.

8- Online payment options

A�Of course, you will want to obtain a merchant account in order to process online payments, but make sure to give your customers the choice.A� More and more people use PayPal as their preferred method of payment, if only because they dona��t have to get their credit card out and start entering all their personal information. When it comes to online payment, choice is what ita��s all about.

9- After sale service and guarantees

A�Of course, we all want to be able to sell a product and never have to deal with customers who may sometimes wish to return it.A� Customers will need to be informed as to your own specific terms of sales.

10- If ita��s not secure, youa��re losing sales

A�We live in an era where hackers are forever trying to circumvent websites securities in order to steal. One the very first step is to ensure that you online store is secure. E-Commerce sites are subjected to hacking attempts and should offer visitors some form of protections by way of encryption such as SSL certificates.

What you need to remember about e-Commerce is that todaya��s customers are savvy and as such expect a level of performance that is fast, hassle-free and personalized. If your online store is poorly designed, it could be set for failure, and you could lose out on sales as a result. Considering that by some estimate, online sales will reach and possibly exceed $414 billion by 2018, you get an idea of how costly a poorly conceived and designed e-Commerce website might be.

A well-designed site might give you the necessary tools to avail yourself of an ever expanding pool of customers.

We want to help you make the right choice.

Small Business Website Design - Why You Need An Expert Web Designer - Studio X Website Design Miami

Creating a website for small business

Now more than ever, businesses who aspire to be successful, need a professionally designed website. Indeed, the idea of a business without an online presence is at best counter productive and at worst, an indication that this particular company is not keeping up with sound and up to date business practices. For businesses to flourish, an online presence is therefore a necessity. But not just any website.The importance of a professional and well designed website cannot be over empasized. A website is the extension of a conventional store or office, but unlike its brick and mortar iteration, a website is open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. As such, your website becomes the face of your company, and it is important that it extends the image of your company through a combimation of good design and SEO practices. If your company wants to make the most of business opportunities in Miami, then you should aim to hire only the best web design and development company in Miami.

The difference between a designer and a developer

We are a Web Design Miami agency specialing in both the designing and development of a website, bringing together all of the components necessary for the production of a succesful website. As such, our team comprises both web designers and web developers.

A web designer is someone who specializes in the designing your website. He or she is both technically sound and extremely creative. He/she has that ability to take your idea and turn it into a great website that is visually appealing. Hence, for creating a website you will need a professional web designer.

A web developer takes the newly created design template and turns it into a website that ecompasses all the technologies required to take that website into the next level.

A business starts with a strategy to reap the fruits of success and also have the maximum consumer satisfaction. In the present-day digital world, reaching out to the target consumer is through the digital market. Hence, to reach the digital market, you need a website to interact with the consumer and exponentially grow your business.

A web design and development company will ensure thatA� you get the best of both world and give your company the best chance to ensure a succesful online presence. Ask youself the following questions:

Is your Business Website Generating New Customers and Contacts?

If you are serious about being succesful online, then you should ensure that you hire a small website design company who is accountable and provides one on one, personal attention. To that end, please call or write today.

We offer Mobile-Ready and Affordable Websites for Small Business

We can get you on the way with our popular Quick-Launch Template Websites starting at $699 or can tailor your need to fit our Customized Designs, Maintenance and Hosting from $3488. Our goal is tp provide awesome and affordable web designs for small businesse and individuals. So called “little guys”, newbies and novices are our bread and butter. If you’re an up-and comer mom and pop working with a reasonable but not endless budget, then you too are particularly welcome.

We are a small web design company based in Miami Florda. We deliver quality service & support. Our main focus to to design and build websites that are optimizized and structure in such a way that they become SEO friendly.

Our mission is to bring affordable web design to those on a budget. We love the idea of taking a project from the creative phase all the way to the production phase.A� Our reward is to get called by our customers who realize that they are going to have to increase their online presence even more.A� These are the calls that drive us to give you the best website we can make.A� They are the types of calls that convert customers into repeat customers.